Welcome to Glimmercroft
Welcome to Glimmercroft

Mini Lamancha Dairy Goats
and Other Homestead Livestock

Welcome to Glimmercroft
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Other Farm Animals English Shepherds Inquiry Form Welcome to Glimmercroft, a suburban homestead.  All of our animals have been carefully selected for their ability to complement each other and to be productive in a small, diversified, sustainable setting.  Through the years, miniature and heritage breeds have been developed to work well within such a setting, and thatís mostly what you will find here.  Whether itís dairy goats, pigs, or poultry, our livestock animals are selected for quiet dispositions, ease of handling, hardiness and productivity. Our English Shepherds, traditional "farm collie" type dogs, fill our needs for all around working farm hands and companions.

Breeding stock and surplus animals are available from time to time, so don't forget to check our Sales Page!

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