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Glimmercroft Annari

FMCH Glimmercroft Annari Faurie *P (F3)

DOB: February 11, 2011
TMGR DL00358AM (American)
MDGA AML01640 (American)
(Pictured two months into her second freshening)

One of Shine's triplet doelings, Annari at first didn't strike me as anything special. She was a bright and friendly little clown. When it came time to sell the triplets, I told the buyer I was pricing them to correspond to my opinion of their overall quality. Annari was the lowest priced of the three, and the buyer took the two "better" animals. Well, needless to say, Annari just kept getting prettier!

Annari took Reserve Junior Mini Lamancha Doeling in her first show in 2011. She freshened in 2012 with an astonishing udder, and as a first-freshener took Best in Show and Best Udder in Show over her newly freshened older sister, Rose. She finished her championship two months into her second freshening with two Best in Show and Best Udder in Show wins.

And this doe isn't only about pretty! At 24" tall, this little girl peaked at 9.7 pounds (nearly five quarts) a day in her second freshening. After Annari's third freshening in early May of 2014, we decided to give her a chance to show us how well she can hold an extended lactation. Now, in late March 2015, she continues to milk like a champ, giving us a little over four pounds a day on a once-a-day milking schedule. She will be bred again in the fall of 2015.

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Glimmercroft Annari  Glimmercroft Annari  Glimmercroft Annari  Glimmercroft Annari 

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