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Glimmercroft Faelan

FCH Glimmercroft Faelan (F3)

DOB: February 17, 2012
TMGR DL00357AM (American)
MDGA AML01877 (American)
(Pictured three months into her first freshening)

I have a thing for golden animals, so when Rose popped out my very first little golden girl, I was thrilled!  It didn't hurt that she has that long, level hip I so admire.  Faelan grew quickly, and by the time she was eight months old, she was very nearly as big as her dam, so I felt it would be safe to breed her.  She freshened in March 2013 with a smacked on udder and ideal teat placement.  Faelan is 28 inches tall, and has excellent body capacity.

Faelan has been calm and sweet-natured right from the start.  She is an easy kidder and an attentive mother.  In her second freshening, she peaked at just over eight pounds of milk per day, and carried her lactation nicely on a once-a-day milking schedule.

Faelan began her show career in 2012, winning her junior leg.  As a first freshener, she took Best of Breed and then went on to take Best Udder in Show over her dam, Rose, and her aunt Annari.  She finished her championship in 2014, at the large show in Monroe.


In memoriam . . .

After Faelan freshened with triplets in her third freshening, I kept the kids with her for two weeks before separating them overnight, as I didnít want to demand too much from her too soon.  When I finally did separate the kids, I was awestruck by the udder that greeted me in the morning.  It had greatly increased in overall capacity from her second-freshening udder, especially in capacity and width of the rear udder, and in foreudder extension and smoothness.  That day, I let the kids have breakfast, finished milking her out, and then shaved her udder, thinking Iíd get a picture the following weekend, but the opportunity never came.  My sweet, golden girl went off her feed a few days later, and ultimately lost her struggle with ketosis and enterotoxaemia.  I canít believe sheís gone.

Photos taken in Faelan's first freshening. You can click on any picture for a larger version. 

Faelan's pedigree  

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