Glimmercroft Moon River

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Glimmercroft Moon River

FCH Glimmercroft Moon River (F4)

DOB: March 9, 2014
TMGR DL00362 (pending American)
MDGA AML02871 (American)
(Pictured in her first freshening)

Every time I go out to the goat yard, watching River run toward me makes my heart sing.  She is beautifully put together, with a long, level hip, strong topline, excellent bone and substance, and graceful proportions overall.  I'm very pleased with her first-year udder as it continues to develop a more defined MSL, greater capacity, and more plumb, larger teats, while retaining the height of attachment that thrilled me when she first freshened.  Her production peaked at just under seven pounds per day in her first freshening year.

Judges seem to like River as well.  At the 2015 Wine Country Classic as a first-freshener, she took Grand Champion Senior Doe in all three rings, and Best Udder in Show under two of the three judges, earning her permanent championship in both registries.

River kidded easily, and was an attentive mother to her twin doelings, and she completes the package with an affectionate, sweet nature, and consistently good behavior on the milkstand.  Is it any wonder I kept her two baby sisters this year?

Photos taken in River's first freshening. You can click on any picture for a larger version. 

River's pedigree  

Glimmercroft Moon River  Glimmercroft Moon River  Glimmercroft Moon River  Glimmercroft River

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