Glimmercroft Rose

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Glimmercroft Rose

FMCH Glimmercroft Rose *P *V (F3)

DOB: January 27, 2009
TMGR DL00356AM (American)
MDGA AML01345 (American)
(Pictured 16 months into her second freshening)

When Shine had quadruplet doelings in 2009, I was thrilled.  When the kids began to mature, I was even more thrilled.  This was a beautiful litter, and though it was a difficult choice, Rose is my pick.  From her conformation to her lineage to her temperament, I can't think of a single thing I would like to change about her.  Rose freshened in 2010 with a fabulous, socked-on udder that just kept getting better.  I milked her through 2011, and she freshened again in February, 2012. In these pictures, taken June 2013, she's more than 16 months fresh.  

In 2011, we returned from the MDGA 2011 Wine Country Classic show, my first goat show, where Rose at over 11 months fresh won the following awards: 1 x Best Udder in Show, 2 x Grand Champion, 1 x Reserve Champion, 2 x Best Udder.  She finished her permanent championship at the Wine Country Classic this year (2013) with a Best in Show and Best Udder in Show, after having milked over 16 months in her second lacation.

Rose has been on DHIA milk test, and in her second freshening in 2012 peaked at 10 pounds in one day. Rose kidded again in February 2014, and is milking through 2015. She's been milked once a day starting about October 2014, and now, 13 months after kidding, she is still producing three and a half pounds per day (that's a pint shy of a half-gallon).

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Rose's pedigree

Glimmercroft Rose Glimmercroft Rose Glimmercroft Rose Glimmercroft Rose

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