Tangletown Toft Scirocco

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Tangletown Toft Scirocco

Tangletown Toft Scirocco (F4)

DOB: April 5, 2012
TMGR BL00152AM (American)
MDGA AML01875 (American)
(Pictured at 15 months old)

Scirocco is our attempt to combine his dam's perfect foreudder and capacity and his paternal granddam's larger teat size and excellent placement, while linebreeding on Selena (maternal granddam and paternal great granddam) with her wonderful attachments and amazing lactation persistence.  Scirocco himself has been impressing the judges in both live and virtual shows, and his babies and grandbabies have also done very well in the show ring.

His first daughter freshened in 2014 with a lovely, capacious udder with teats of good size and placement, a high and wide rear udder that was an improvement over her dam Annari's, a well-extended foreudder, and excellent lateral attachments.  Unfortunately, having exceeded my limit of three milking does, I sold her before I got udder pictures.  In April 2015, another daughter, Glimmercroft Moon River, freshened with what may turn out to be the best udder my herd has produced to date.  You can see Moon River on my "Does" page. 

From what I can tell so far (late 2015), Scirocco increases udder elasticity, improves teat size and placement, and strengthens feet and legs, while contributing strength of bone, and body depth and capacity. 

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Scirocco's pedigree  

Tangletown Toft Scirocco  Tangletown Toft Scirocco  Tangletown Toft Scirocco 

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