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Glimmercroft Sales, Reservations and Shipping Policy

Caveat:  While most of the policies on this page will seem reasonable, some may sound a bit Draconian.  The Draconian-sounding policies have evolved in order to prevent recurrences of certain situations in which my animals suffered needlessly or I took a hard financial hit, also needlessly.

Deposits and Waiting Lists

A deposit of $100 will reserve a kid of the gender of your choice from the breeding of your choice.  If the kid you selected was not born or is otherwise not available, you may make a second choice from among those animals available, or receive a full refund.   Please note that it can take from two to four weeks to determine whether a goat kid is likely to have the characteristics sought by a prospective owner.  If you have made a deposit on an animal, and I have determined that I do have an animal available that will suit your needs, the balance of the purchase price on that animal will need to be paid in full within two weeks of notification.  If the animal is not yet ready to leave Glimmercroft, I will keep the animal here free of charge until it is ready to leave.  Once the animal is ready to leave, you will pick up the animal within a reasonable amount of time, usually about two weeks.  If you cannot pick the animal up or arrange transportation for the animal within an agreed amount of time, then the purchase price of the animal will be forfeit, and I will be free to find another buyer.

I do reserve the right to retain any animal needed for my breeding programs.

If a buckling has been paid for in full, I will keep him intact until delivery at weaning, which is 8 weeks.  Any bucklings not picked up by 10 weeks will be neutered and the purchase price forfeited, unless other arrangements are mutually agreed upon.  This is in response to a beautiful buckling I kept for a woman for five months or so, at which point she decided she just couldn't handle the transportation.  That left me with an intact buck I didn't need and couldn't use because he was too closely related to my other goats.  I fed him through the winter and spring, but because the breeds I was working with were quite rare, I could not find another buyer for him and eventually sent him to auction.  It was a very bad deal for a lovely kid who would have made a very nice pet, and it's not happening again.

Kids will be sold either registered or with appropriate registration forms.  All kids are are disbudded.  Kids will be wormed when they leave Glimmercroft, and if the new owner wishes, they will have their first CD&T vaccines at that time.  All kids are guaranteed healthy at the time they leave Glimmercroft.  Glimmercroft is not responsible for any illness once kids leave the premises unless a veterinarian can provide documentation that the kid was unhealthy when it left Glimmercroft.  This has never happened, but if it ever did, Glimmercroft's liability would be limited to the purchase price of the kid.


Honestly, I don't like to ship.  I do realize, though, that sometimes it is necessary for people to bring in animals from a distance, so I will ship, reluctantly.  My reluctance is reflected in my shipping policy, which is designed to shift to the buyer as much as possible of the trouble and expense of shipping.  I'm hoping that this forthright disclosure of my point of view will keep prospective buyers from getting overly upset by my lack of enthusiasm in this area.  So here goes . . .

Buyers are responsible for all shipping costs, including airfare, kennel (with modifications if required), tests, and health certificates.  Since required testing will vary depending on your state, it will be your responsibility to contact the veterinarian to determine what tests are currently necessary for shipping to your state.  Please contact me for veterinarian contact information.

You will need to pay all veterinary costs directly to the veterinarian in advance, and you will need to schedule visits.  Veterinary visits will need to be scheduled on weekends, since I work during the week.  My weekend schedule is usually quite flexible, but please check with me regarding your target weekend prior to scheduling, just in case.

All animals will ship out of Sea-Tac Airport in Seattle, WA.  Flights will need to be scheduled on weekends, since I work during the week.  All shipping costs must be paid before shipping, or if the airline allows it, you can pay the shipping costs COD.  If you are interested in finding out the costs of shipping an animal, please phone Continental Airlines at 1-800-575-3335.

Because of the time and distance involved, a traveling fee will be charged in the amount of $30 for each vet visit (minimum 1.5-hour round trip) and $60 for the trip to the airport (minimum 2.5 hours, unless traffic is bad, then more).  Payment must be made in advance. 

Of course, you are always welcome to pick up your animals at Glimmercroft in person.  We'd love to meet you, and we'll put a fresh pot of coffee on!

In Conclusion . . .

Every effort is made to ensure that your Glimmercroft experience is a positive one, and I am happy to help and answer questions long after the sale.  (I really love to hear how my little ones are faring!)

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